A Short History of Popular Music

With more and more styles emerging on what seems to be a weekly basis, it's easy to lose track of where each style came from in the first place. How did location, social surroundings or technology influence the development of Popular Music? What separates Motown from Soul and why are Ray Charles and Chris Brown both identified as R&B?

Students and teachers have something to learn in this workshop, and the information provided will give any participant more confidence in understanding and discussing musical styles. Guaranteed to help with getting to grips with GSCE and A Level syllabuses, or preparing for a music degree.
Topics can include:

• Identifying musical characteristics
• Roles of technology
• Subcultures
• Social/historic context
• Terminology
• Lyrical content
• Key figures
• Value of classifation and genre
• Mavericks and Anomolies
• Record labels

In this workshop, participants will learn about different styles of Popular music since the 20th century, their identifying features, key figures and subsequent influences. As a group, they will map out a family-tree type diagram of Popular Musical styles.

This workshop is available in short, medium or long session lengths.

Minimum tutors: 2

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