Introduction To Sequencing

With computer technology moving faster than ever before, anyone with access to a computer has the possibility of making music on their desktop. In this workshop, we look at how the DAW (Digital Workstation) has taken over from analogue methods of sound recording and how to get to grips with the format.

This course is perfect for students and teachers engaged in music and music tech at GCSE/A Level, or those who would like to get a bit more help in understanding their setup. From the very basics of importing audio files, to manipulating samples and MIDI tracks, this hands-on course covers the following:
Topics can include:

• Tempo and time grid settings
• VST instruments
• Input/output routing
• Midi quantization
• Midi/audio sync setup
• Arranging sound files
• Shuffle/groove maps
• Cursor tools and shortcuts
• Metering
• Inserts and sends

Workshop will take the form of an open project presentation, practical exercises in groups or on an individual basis - depending on availble resources. Students with existing experience are encouraged to bring their own equipment and projects where possible.

This workshop is available in medium, long and multiple day courses.

Minimum tutors: 1 per 10

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