Improving the Blues

The Blues is one of popular music’s most enduring genres, and has provided the foundation for countless styles, forms and bands. Its popularity may be explained in part by its accessibility for musicians of all abilities.

It is easy to master the basics, yet the structure and harmony allow plenty of room for embellishment. In this interactive workshop we will give context to the Blues, set exercises, give demonstrations, and allow plenty of time to jam! Singers and instrumentalists welcome.
Topics can include:

• Basic 12 bar sequence
• Possible elaborations
• Blues origins and key musicians
• Blues scale and alternatives
• Approaches to melodic solos
• Lyrical themes
• Use of modality
• Chordal interchange
• Lyrical themes
• Key musicians

Workshop will take the form of group discussions and practical exercises in small groups and/or on an individual basis. Students must bring their own instruments and amplification. Content is tailored to suit individual experience but mixed ability groups are welcome.

This workshop is available in short, medium or long session lengths.

Minimum tutors: 1 per 10

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