Demystifying Jazz

Long considered a ‘serious’ music, Jazz is often avoided by musicians who feel lost in a sea of altered chords and fashionable berets!

This workshop aims to give musicians the tools they need to understand a style of music and a style of playing which often seems more complicated than it really is. With an understanding of a few crucial concepts, players of any instrument can find their playing improving across the board, regardless of genre.
Topics can include:

• Using the Blues
• Basic Jazz chord sequences
• Altered chords made easy
• Understanding modes
• Arpeggios
• Tasteful chromaticism
• The Altered Scale
• Tone: attention to detail
• Playing with space
• Applying Jazz concepts to other styles

Workshop will take the form of group discussions and practical exercises in small groups and/or on an individual basis, finishing with a group jam session. Students must bring their own instruments and amplification. Content is designed to suit beginner to intermediate level but a fundamental understanding of music theory is highly recommended.

This workshop is available in short, medium or long session lengths.

Minimum tutors: 2

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