Band Gelling Agents

One of the biggest challenges facing bands and ensembles (young and old) is the internal dynamic. Rehearsing well doesn't just mean practising hard, it means getting to know the way each member of a group works, so that the best can be made of each person and the group as a whole.

One or more of our team will visit your group for a long rehearsal. We will observe the first half of the session and then get hands-on in the second half, making with a range of suggestions, advice and excercises to improve the group dynamic. This makes future rehearsals and overall teamwork tighter, more efficient and more fun. All of this contributes to a professional sounding group!
Topics can include:

• Communication and clarity
• Losing inhibitions
• Trust building
• What needs rehearsing?
• Setting objectives
• Sharing the blame
• Stage presence
• Losing the Ego
• Dealing with mistakes
• Improvising and adapting

Session takes place at your usual rehearsal space, or one recommended by Pikal Audio and can be booked for 2-3 hours.

Minimum tutors: 1 per group

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