The Art of Sampling

Since it's prominant emergence in Hip-Hop in the late 1970's, the technology behind audio sampling has shaped the sound of popular music. In this workshop, participants will learn about conventions and stylistic approaches in sampling and the ideas behind it.

As a group, we will craft a unique percussion track using the famous "Amen Break", using a cut and paste approach. Participants will also create single hit recordings, to be sampled in a DAW instrument and triggered using a MIDI controller.
Topics can include:

• Sample cutting and ordering
• Basic MIDI
• History
• Pitched-based sampling
• One-shot sampling
• Multi-triggering
• Reversing
• Terminology
• Found sounds
• Sourcing from analogue

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the understanding and ability to source and manipulate samples for one-shot or continuous triggering. They will be able use the resulting patch to create a short musical loop, and save the patch for use in their DAW at a later stage.

This workshop is available in short, medium or long session lengths, and is taught using Apple Logic Pro, unless otherwise requested.

Minimum tutors: 1 per 10

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