Approaching Composition

This workshop looks at ways in which to build students’ skills at writing composition for GCSE, A.S. & A2 Level. Using a number of musical extracts to model good writing, students will be able to learn and then apply solid skills and ideas within their compositions.
Topics may include:

• Writing strong melody and phrasing
• Working with a motif
• Constructing functional harmony, chord sequences
• Presenting music using different styles of accompaniment
• Instrumentation, roles, strengths and limitations of various instruments
• Boundaries: if, when and why to break them
• Form and structure.
• Turning one idea into a whole piece
• Thinking outside the score
• Writing appraisals and fulfilling the marking criteria

Workshop will take the form of whole group discussions and practical exercises in break-off groups or individually. Students should bring their own instruments and voices!

The duration of this workshop is approximately 3 hours.

Minimum tutors: 1 per 10

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