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Dedicated to helping modern musicians make it in the modern world. Meet the team!

Passion for Audio

Pikal Audio aims to provide cutting-edge education in popular music and audio design for all ages and abilities. We give people the tools to unlock their potential, explore their own creativity and make the most of the resources available.

Where possible, we will build on existing knowledge and demonstrate using the tools that participants are most familiar with.

We build teams, promote co-operative learning and give teachers the information that’s needed to keep them up to date in the world of modern music.

Our workshops are delivered by a team of professional music makers and music lovers. Each member has experience in their own field and their own style of music so you’ll always get the right man/woman for the job!

Good technology relies on a good understanding of how to use it, so we tailor our workshops to address the issues and elements you want to us to address.

Take a minute to browse our workshops, explore the studio, meet the team and drop us a line on the contact page.